Employees’ Role in the Company

Employees’ Role in the Company

People often talk about how companies should deal with various factors such as workforce, operations, tools and so many other things. The expectations for the company to fulfill considering what the employees should have based on the legal standards is given much emphasis. But what about the company’s expectations towards its employees?

employee 1

Photo from https://www.eremedia.com/tlnt/where-do-your-employees-fit-on-the-engagement-resistance-curve/

Often times, employees are expected to work according to their agreed job descriptions. But there is much more in to it that is not written anywhere. It is actually expected for any employees to show loyalty and empathy to the company he or she works for. These two characteristics and an employee’s ability towards his or her assigned tasks will surely results to recognition and appreciation from the company. While some company focuses on an employee’s productivity and being economical, some look into how employees collaborate with the rest of the team towards maintaining their business objectives and increasing the company’s value.



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