Quality vs. Productivity

Quality vs. Productivity

Today, being productive tends to become more important than doing the work right. Should it really be this way?

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Productivity means you are able to accomplish more tasks for your team. If you are in sales, a high productivity means you are dialing the maximum amount of phone numbers per hour or day. If you are in recruitment, it means you are interviewing the maximum number of applicants per day or per week. Finally, if you are in sourcing, it means you are mining the maximum number of data per day or per week.

Normally, the maximum productivity is determined through a time and motion study. This is done by timing every task to the minute and logging how much time each task takes to complete. For example, and interview can take from 5 minutes to 15 minutes depending on the open position or role. So, each interview is timed and later on an average is determined and a maximum productivity is assigned.

On the other hand, when you are focusing too much on productivity, quality can pay price. In order to meet the maximum productivity, interviewers would sometimes fail to ask all the questions to fully assess the candidate. Another example is in data mining. In order to meet the number of data mined required, sometimes, low quality data is gathered.

There should always be a balance between productivity and quality. A balance in these two would mean less cancellations after a sale. It means finding the best match for a job opening and less attrition. Getting the right data would mean better productivity for the teams that would be using the data.


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