Tips for Energy Monitoring

Tips for Energy Monitoring

The increase in cost of energy is never ending. This is the reason why commercial businesses and manufacturers do their utmost to conserve energy. But energy conservation will not be effective if monitoring and understanding of energy consumption is not done beforehand.

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Before proceeding with the various means of reducing energy cost, here’s some ways to jump start:

  1. Make an inventory of what items are being used in the office and how often it is being used. It includes office supplies, movables and other appliance items.
  2. Gather the needed information, then manage. Ensure that the data is updated and analyze the content.
  3. Select the hardware to be used. A monitoring system should be effectively used.
  4. Deem the best possible software to be used. VEA or Efficiency Track can be the options.
  5. Recognize the energy monitoring is not a one way process.

Although energy monitoring is not the main goal, this task is very important to start any energy management project.


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