Technology Responsibility

Technology Responsibility

In as much as we are big patrons of technology, we also have a responsibility to it. What are these responsibilities and what can we do?

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The amount of e-waste that we have is very alarming. It has the potential to not only hurt mother nature, it can also have deadly effects on the human race. When the chemicals in these equipment, these chemicals seeped from landfills it may contaminate the water system and produce toxic effect to health. Unfortunately, the damage can be hard to control and it may take years to get rid of the contaminants.

To prevent excessive e-waste, you can do the following:

Make the most out of your current device

Most people tend to buy new gadgets because they think that their old devices are not trendy or not as good as the new products that just came out in the market. This is a misconception, because some gadgets have hardware or software that can be upgraded to work up to par. Before you purchase a new gadget, consider updating the settings of your gadget.

Donate or Sell Your Gadgets

In case your gadget is really outdated and nothing can stop you from buying a new one, instead of disposing your gadgets in the trash you can sell it online or offer it to someone who’s willing to use it. Either way will prevent you from adding more e-waste. You’ll be surprise how much money you can make by selling your hand me downs!

Bring Your Gadgets to Electronic Collection Centers

If you think that your electronics can be recycled, but you don’t have the skills or the materials to do it, there are different companies such as Apple, Best Buy and Staples that accepts old electronic items purchased from them. Feel free to to drop by their office and let them take care of your old gadgets and appliances for you.


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